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Pio Pio - Hell’s Kitchen


604 10th Avenue  
New York, NY 10036

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I really love to eat at this place! I’ve been multiple times since moving to NYC. The food is simple and delicious. They don’t go crazy on extra ingredients, they just let the foods’ natural flavours shine through. Try the ceviche mixto. And check out their other locations around the city.

The place is also a treat for the eyes. It’s gorgeous and interesting. The interior is featured in design magazines and the like. It feels great to sit in this space. There are bathrooms upstairs (photo, bottom right) and downstairs (photo, top right) and they are clean and equally intentional in their design. The stone and wood that work so well for the dining space make the small downstairs bathroom feel a little more like a jail cell than the bathroom of a lovely restaurant. The upstairs bathroom are much much nicer - clean, well-stocked, lovely modern design. Even if you’re in the downstairs for the meal, the upstairs bathrooms are worth the stairs. 

Great food. Clean bathrooms. 4 of 5 Sheets!


  • 11 December 2012