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Booker’s Backyard


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1638 East Shore Drive
Ithaca, NY 14850

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Charming, very charming! Recently opened near Ithaca, NY and what a great addition to the neighbourhood. The drink menu is delicious and oh-so clever. Literary references should be a great conversation starter for the story lovers who visit Booker’s.

We here at The Critical Crapper take honesty about food and flatulence seriously so I have to report that the food was disappointing. The lovely cabin atmosphere, witty menu, beautiful(ly-stocked) bar … I was expecting more, but it was mostly just ok. Fine burgers, fine fries, fine mac and cheese. I’m hoping that time will bring the food quality of Booker’s Backyard up to expectations.

Plaques with Wonder Woman and Superman are used to denote the male and female bathrooms, which made me giggle. Nerdy but cool. The bathrooms are clean, full of toilet paper and hand towels and there are several stalls and not a long wait at all. Disappointed by the sparse decorations. The bathrooms lack a certain artistry that the rest of the place has.

Keep an eye on this place though, I have a feeling it’s going to get much better. For it’s cleanliness, clever signage, and potential, I give Booker’s Backyard a respectable 3 of 5 sheets!


  • 12 December 2012