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The Greek Kitchen

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Had a meal here with a friend before a night at the Metropolitan Opera and was delighted by the food and service. 

We arrived around 18:00 on a Wednesday night, there were not many people around and we were seated promptly. We shared appetizers of the classics: Spanakopita and Tzatziki with pita. Both were great - you can’t ask for more than light and crisp philo dough with a perfectly warmed spinach inside!

I ordered the pork souvlaki which comes with salad and your choice of rice, potatoes, Greek fries or orzo. A huge and tasty salad arrived first, then the best pork souvlaki and orzo I have ever had! Such tender and succulent morsels and a great delight for the taste buds.

I will tell you that the service is attentive and accommodating. We had to rush a bit to catch our show and the staff was very good about helping us get to the opera on time. The normal pace of service is a little slower than most places I’ve been too, but if we didn’t have other plans after, I would have really loved sitting and eating there leisurely. 

Bathroom stop before the opera? Head toward one of the two bathrooms located past the food counter, open the door and you’ll be greeted by (an attempt at) ancient Greece. The décor of the restrooms likened them to an old time bath house, with mock stone wallpaper on the bottom and painted/stained walls at the top. The place was clean, smelled great, had everything you need in a bathroom and didn’t ruin the delectable pork souvlaki I had just scarfed.

The Greek Kitchen didn’t push any envelopes though (and soon, neither will the USPS …) and for that we give it a respectable 3 of 5 sheets.

  • 7 February 2013
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